Lintel Durability - you do the maths

There are several British Standards relevant to lintel specification but none gives a difinitive guide to calculating lintel service life. - Dec 09.
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Only post-galvanising guarantees compliance with British Standards governing lintels and their durability

It is the task of the structural engineer to validate the structural performance of a lintel, including the durability features that determine lifespan. But too few recognise that only post-galvanising will guarantee modern lifespan requirements in compliance with key standards BS EN845-2:2003 and BS 7543:2003. - Dec 09.
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Drive-through Superlintel

8 June 2007

A complex Superlintel assembly has been used to create a 4m span, feature arch drive-through as part of the extension of a luxury mews development in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The high specification support includes four stanchions, two tie beams and two arched bridge beams. A complex arrangement of interconnections and endplates bolts them together and into brickwork.

Elliptical arch Superlintels with a 428mm rise form the arch, while 5m long beams support masonry the full length of the drive-through. These four elements are then supported from ground level on four substantial 305 x 102 x 46 RSC columns.

The soffits of the arches and one side of the webplates of the tie beams were designed to be left exposed for site finishing with black paint.

The special Superlintel system was specified by Robert Humber Architects in association with Rodgers Leask Ltd consulting engineers.
The extension, by Elite Developments, adds to existing dwellings where Superlintels were used several years ago to create a drive-through opening which has been mirrored in the new construction.

The Superlintels were post-galvanised with Duragalv 100, a minimum 100 microns post-galvanised finish giving significantly more protection than the minimum 70 microns required in BS EN ISO 1461: 1999 (Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles - Specifications and test methods).

Duragalv 140 is one of three coating specifications developed by Jones of Oswestry to match the service life of its lintels, access covers and landscape products to different design life needs and local corrosivity factors affecting component longevity.

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