Lintel Durability - you do the maths

There are several British Standards relevant to lintel specification but none gives a difinitive guide to calculating lintel service life. - Dec 09.
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Only post-galvanising guarantees compliance with British Standards governing lintels and their durability

It is the task of the structural engineer to validate the structural performance of a lintel, including the durability features that determine lifespan. But too few recognise that only post-galvanising will guarantee modern lifespan requirements in compliance with key standards BS EN845-2:2003 and BS 7543:2003. - Dec 09.
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Greater interactivity from updated Jones of Oswestry website

25 July 2008

Jones of Oswestry’s revamped website provides a range of interactive features making it even easier to access essential specifying data for the company’s lintels and landscaping steelwork.

The website - – provides information on the company’s full range of steel lintels, recessed access covers, drainage gratings, tree surrounds, SUDS, industrial ducting and steelwork, DDA access ramps, site surveys, bespoke design and special projects.

Browsers can download the Superlintel lintel selector program which provides easy, step-by-step specification of lintels with section drawings and load calculations. The website also provides extracts from relevant BS standards with lintel load span tables and building design life requirements. A link to the Galvanizers Association Zinc Millennium Map provides data on local corrosivity essential in specifying the correct grade of Duragalv post-galvanising, unique to Jones of Oswestry, to sustain required design life.

Users can also register for Jones of Oswestry’s RIBA CPD seminars, and check out applicable regulations and legislation affecting lintel and landscaping steelwork selection, including CDM, DDA, Duty of Care and Manual Handling.

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