Lintel Durability - you do the maths

There are several British Standards relevant to lintel specification but none gives a difinitive guide to calculating lintel service life. - Dec 09.
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Only post-galvanising guarantees compliance with British Standards governing lintels and their durability

It is the task of the structural engineer to validate the structural performance of a lintel, including the durability features that determine lifespan. But too few recognise that only post-galvanising will guarantee modern lifespan requirements in compliance with key standards BS EN845-2:2003 and BS 7543:2003. - Dec 09.
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August 2009

Jones of Oswestry Aquaslot at Derby City Hospital

The main entrance to the City Hospital in Derby.

Jones of Oswestry has just completed delivery on a contract to supply its Aquaslot drainage system to the new Royal Derby Hospital.

The product has been specified for a new children’s play area and will keep it dry, safe and usable for sick children and their visiting siblings.

The award-winning £6.7 million refurbishment of the town centre, completed in phases between 2004 and 2008, has been delivered through an innovative partnership between St Helens Council and main contractor, Mayfield.

The 53m of Aqua-slot duct, recessed for semi-rigid foam, will run around the perimeter of the new internal play area.

Aquaslot is available in three formations; single leaf Pavior infill, linear pavior infill drainage (slotted longitudinally) and linear pavior infill drainage (slotted transverse) to ensure a consistent look can be maintained for the overall scheme whilst providing adequate drainage.

Michael Miles Director of Jones of Oswestry said: “This is an important project for the children and families who use or visit the hospital on a regular basis. Anything which can help make their experience a little brighter is certainly worth doing and the addition of Aquaslot will make sure the play area is a key feature of the children’s hospital.”

10 years of planning, a 5-year build programme and a cost of more than £330 million have resulted in the biggest single investment in healthcare that Derby has ever seen.

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