Lintel Durability - you do the maths

There are several British Standards relevant to lintel specification but none gives a difinitive guide to calculating lintel service life. - Dec 09.
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Only post-galvanising guarantees compliance with British Standards governing lintels and their durability

It is the task of the structural engineer to validate the structural performance of a lintel, including the durability features that determine lifespan. But too few recognise that only post-galvanising will guarantee modern lifespan requirements in compliance with key standards BS EN845-2:2003 and BS 7543:2003. - Dec 09.
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Frequently Asked Questions




Can you manufacture special/different sizes to the standard products shown in the Jones manual?

Yes, we can manufacture to any specification, size or shape, within reason. We manufacture in mild steel, or stainless steel, which has big advantages over cast or ductile iron products.

Can you supply lifting equipment for products?

All manufactures – both cast iron and steel products can supply lifting equipment for products. Generally with cast iron the recommendation is for mechanical lift due to the weight of cast iron. Steel products have more chance of being broken down into lighter – slide out – hence the ‘Jones’ Telebloc range.

Are Jones products watertight even if double sealed?

No product can be guaranteed water tight if double sealed although ‘Jones’ double rubber seal tends to be more effective than other examples i.e. Single rubber seal or two sealing troughs for on site addition of grease to form seals. Channel frame is another option, depending on design required.

Can you manufacture deeper telebloc trays?

Yes we can fabricate deeper trays, but weight of the unit for handling purposes may become an issue.

Can you calculate how many drainage units will be required to drain a given area?

Provide us with an accurate area dimension and we can work that out for you.

What is the free area of Jones drainage products?

answer reqd

Do Jones survey and install their products?

Yes we do. We directly employ our fitters who are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of site work relating to Jones products.

Can Jones supply samples?

Yes we can, once we have received a firm order from you.

Do you manufacture BT units?

answer reqd

Can you paint your products and if so, what colours are available?

We can paint our products to any xxxxx specification required.

Can you shot blast your products and what is the grit size?

Answer reqd

Can you manufacture heavy duty grilles?

Yes we can, just tell us what you are trying to achieve and we’ll offer a solution.

Do you have any multi-leaf suppagrille details?

Yes we do, tell us what you need.

Can you manufacture curved-on-plan Ventraflow?

Yes we can and to our knowledge there are very few other manufacturers who can offer curved on plan products.

Are Ventraflow tops laser cut?

Yes they are.

Do Jones visit site/offices?

Yes we do. We’ll come to your site or offices if you need us to discuss or view the project.

Do you supply calculations for special products?

Yes, always.

Can you manufacture recessed hinged units with stainless steel edging?

Yes and we believe our offer is unique.

Can you manufacture duct runs to suit special layouts?

Yes we can.

Is it acceptable to manufacture mild steel galv. with stainless steel?


Do you manufacture in stainless steel?


Do you offer D400 loading?

D400 is a cast iron spec, not applicable to mild steel, but our products will take the equivalent loadings – no Jones product has ever failed within its specified loading.


Can you schedule?


Can you design specials?

What you might refer to as a 'special' forms the majority of our business. All of Jones products are designed and manufactured to suit customer specifications.

Can you supply products off the shelf?

Our production is geared up to manufacture to customer order, so we don't carry stock.

Can we collect from you?

Yes you can.

Can we order direct?

Yes you can, although we do have an extensive network of merchants, builders and contractors – for more information please call 01691 653251 or email

Can we have lengths not specified in the manual?

Absolutely, we can manufacture to any length required, within reason.

Can you make specials?

We don’t use the word special much, because everything we manufacture is to customer specification.

Can we have sketches?

Once you have given us your order commitment we will be happy to supply sketches.

Can we have a quotation?

We will provide you with a quotation when we know the full scope of the project.

Can you give prices over phone?

If it absolutely essential we will give a price over the phone, but we prefer to do it in writing, so that there are no misunderstandings further down the line.

Can we have drawing details (AutoCAD details) to add into our customers drawings?

We are happy to provide specs and drawings to help you when we have received your order commitment.

Can we have technical data sheets?

Any spec information you require will be freely available to you once we have received your firm order.

Can you offer advice?

We’re always keen to help our customers with appropriate advice, to help to make the progress of the job as easy as possible.

Can you offer design options/alternative quotes?

Because most of the products we manufacture are specifically designed to suit our customers specifications, we always strive to provide the most cost effective solutions. If we feel we can advise our customers of a better, or more cost effective way to fulfil their project, we will do that also.

Can you give us the lintel codes, so that we can order over the phone?

Of course, no problem at all.

Can you provide NBS production specifications to add into tender documents?

Yes we can.

Can you manufacture specials (i.e. U.B’s angles with PLTs etc.)?

Absolutely. Your specials are our standards. We always manufacture to suit customer specs.

Can we have a drawing?

Yes , once a firm order has been placed.

Can you offer a more cost effective solution?

We always try to offer the most cost effective solution, but we are always willing to investigate alternative options.

Are Jones products compliant with the manual handling regulations?