About Duragalv

Original Life Expectancy Chart

Jones of Oswestry backed its claims about its products’ performance with an unprecendented array of test certification assuring both the thickness and quality of steel plate and Ultra-Galv™ zinc coating.

Jones of Oswestry was so confident about Superlintel longevity that it published a Steel Life Expectancy Chart based on data about the ‘weathering’ perfomance of zinc from the Zinc Development Association. The chart showed the comparative potential life expectancy of Ultra-Galv™ 2000 againset other galvanising specifications commonly used in the industry. Ultra-Galv’s 2000gsm coating was shown to provide a 100 year service life, more than double the life expectancy of the 920gsm minimum coating required by the galvanising standard BS729.

Ultra-Galv™ Story

The chart featured in a milestone publication of the early 90s called ‘The Ultra-Galv™ Story’. It also spoke about the environmental benefits of the long term corrosion protection of structural steel in conserving valuable raw materials. The message was clear - Ultra-Galv™ 2000 assured a longer, more economical lintel service life and a safegaurd against the costly and potentially catastrophic risk of premature failure.


Jones stood alone in its commitment to exceeding the minimum requirements of industry standards and for many was considered a niche manufacturer with a niche product, but the company’s long term vision was that its demanding high specification for the Superlintel range would rise above its niche appeal. It would inevitably become the lintel standard of the future for the sake of construction quality and, although the term was not coined at the time, sustainability.

Superlintel has come of age

The new Millennium has ushered many changes in industry standards with an overriding emphasis on product durability and sustainability.

Product protection is now a driving force behind changes to standards affecting lintels, namely BS 7543 (construction life span) and BS EN 845 (product durability). They place a greater onus on the designer to evaluate and gather assurances on product performance in relation to climatic, atmospheric and other product ‘weathering’ factors and continuing the Jones responsiblity to the specifier by advancing the development of superior coatings to guarantee the specifier meets all the new compliances. The specification of lintels made of thicker steel with thicker protective coatings provides the answer. Finally, the industry has come round to the Jones of Oswestry’s way of thinking - at last!!