Hard Landscaping - Drainage


General Application

Point drainage gratings within run of dished drainage blocks to pedestrianised areas

  • Public domain therefore trip and slip measures important
  • Single person operation for maintenance (subject to size)
  • DDA compliance is a design minimum

Aquadish fabricated hinged drainage gratings and frames are manufactured specifically to provide point drainage to linear shaped gulleys within a hard landscape area. Th

e Aquadish drainage grating system is available in a range of sizes to suit specific site requirements and frame depths to suit specific surrounding finishes with their respective bedding.

Mechanics, Performance

In order to ensure the gratings continue to perform for their design life all Aquadish units are available in a range of load classifications as listed overleaf.

Jones deflection criteria ensures that the amount of deflection when subject to serviceability loading  is limited, and hence greatly reducing the risk of damaged gratings.
Damaged pavement metalwork can lead to  complaints from the general public and constitutes a large part of injury claims on local authorities from slip and trip.

All drainage slots are DDA compliant and provide a minimum number of  slot rows to guard against surface water “run-over” in times of high rainfall.

Multiple slots also increase the hydraulic capacity or the units in service due to increased drainage slot area.

Composition and Manufacture

Gratings are full welded fabrications using a minimum of  4mm thick structural steel plate.
Frame units include heavy duty ‘T’ section format to 2 sides of the unit

Pierced anchor points together with a full width seating ensures that any load is transmitted back to supports with less risk of localised failure in the bedding material.


Aquaslot Single Leaf Pavior Infill

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Aquaslot Linear Pavior Infill Drainage (slotted longitudinally)

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Aquaslot Linear Pavior Infill Drainage (slotted transverse)

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Aquadish Gully Drainage Grating

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Aquadrain Flush Drainage Grating

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Supradrain Continuous Drain System

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