ECOCHUTE Streetwise recycling

An on-street recycling system, which provides segregated collection of recyclable litter, the Ecochute looks like a normal bin at street level. However, its lockable access cover provides entry to a large capacity underground storage unit for conventional wheelie bins or larger capacities where required.

The cover allows spring-assisted lifting by one person and in contrast to hydraulically operated lifting systems, Ecochute uses a mechanical winch that allows fully loaded wheelie bins to be safely lifted in line with manual handling requirements.
The constant pressure on local authorities to increase their recycled waste calls
for innovative thinking; which is why Jones of Oswestry has introduced the new

  • Larger storage capacity located below ground helps to reduce collection frequency, from wheely bin to larger industrial units.
  • Low-maintenance, space-saving and aesthetic solution to on-street litter recycling, to help maintain a cleaner high street.
  • Eliminates unsightly waste overflow and associated health risks from attracting vermin.
  • Integrated chute and hinged recessed access cover provides a highly resilient, anti-vandal structure while affording lockable protection of the storage chamber below.
  • Meets the demand for sensitively designed disposal points for on-street  recycling under the Government’s Recycle on the Go initiative.
  • Modular concept provides flexibility for collection of different types of  segregated recyclable waste to avoid cross contamination. The Ecochute  four part recycling system is available where litter segregation of glass,  plastic, aluminium cans and waste is deemed possible.

Being modular in style, Ecochute can be specified with any combination of dedicated ‘chutes’, from sleek stainless steel chutes, traditional styled steel bin or fun concepts for children. Ecochute encourages everyone to recycle on the high street and is a superb cost effective for local authorities, shopping centres or any public open space destination.

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