Hard Landscaping - History

Noticable Pedigree   

Jones of Oswestry, has been a premier provider for over fifty years of high quality Hard Landscaping steel products including access covers, drainage gratings and decorative products.

The First Pressed Steel Galvanised Manhole Cover

In 1968 the company pioneered and produced Europe’s very first Pressed Steel Galvanised Manhole Cover which was the first ground-breaking innovation from the Jones stable. The covers became market leaders and with their ‘Suprasteel’ badging could be sighted from John o’Groats to Lands End.

Present Day

The present day site operates an automated pre-treatment, Duragalv hot dip post-galvanising and paint finishing line, capable of dipping and handling components up to 12m in length.

Reputation & Range

Like our range, the company’s reputation continues to grow and a whole new set of high quality high durability steel products have been produced over the last few years.

Many Firsts

Jones have been responsible for many “Ground Breaking” advances in the industry over the company’s fifty year history, all highlighting the “Jones Pedigree” for quality and advanced product development. These quality issues and product developments were always looked at with initial scepticism by the industry but were in every case eventually accepted as the correct principals - principals copied - but rarely equalled.

First recessed Cover for Block Paving

Suprabloc was the first recessed cover design for the new product introduced into urban renewals “Block Paving”. Suprabloc created a new cover type - copied many times, but never surpassed in quality or finish.

First Continuous Drainage

Aquaslot was another first for block infill cover types - designed for unobtrusive drainage of decorative paviour schemes.

First pnuematic access cover

The earliest assisted lift cover developed to facilitate ease of frequent access for operatives, was developed into the petro chemical industries for garage forecourt usage.  It provided the ideal solution for tanker drivers and local operatives who were continually lifting heavy covers to gain access to the filler caps.  Thirty years in advance of the current H.S.E. guidelines for manual handling.

First Telebloc

The Telebloc range were the first approved block infill recessed covers, meeting the British Telecom specifications for block paved precinct and pavement applications, with a ‘lift and slide’ operation for ease of handling by operatives.

A World First

“Jones” were the only company to accept the challenge by the “London Electricity Board” to design, manufacture and maintain the massive single leaf, hydraulically operated worlds first access covers for their sub-station in Leicester Square, London; which was subsequently opened by Her Majesty The Queen.

First block infill single person lift

Solobloc, the first hinged ‘Lift Assisted, single person operation’ HSE compliant, block infill access cover range.

First Continuous Drainage

Supradrain is another first for block infill cover types - designed for unobtrusive drainage of decorative paviour schemes.