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Product range: ARBORSLOT | ROOTBOX

General Application

Adequate soil watering and aeration to trees
within paved areas where:-

  • Aesthetic finish is important
  • Public domain therefore anti slip and trip measures important
  • DDA compliance is a design minimum.


Arborslot fabricated recessed tree surrounds are manufactured specifically to accept block pavior and slab in-fill.

The Arborslot drainage grating system is available in a range of sizes to suit specific site requirements and tray depths to suit specific infill thicknesses with their respective bedding.

Different tree species and maturity require different aperture sizes. Arborslot system includes any aperture size to suit.

Mechanics, Performance

Arborslot provides adequate aeration to the tree root ball.

Without the presence of slotted aeration there is an increased risk of changes to the soil PH value by virtue of the formation of Carbolic acids.

Soilbound essential nutrients can be locked-in and denied to the root system leading to increased risk of tree failure. In order to ensure the gratings continue to perform for their design life all Arborslot units are available in a range of load classifications as listed page 118.

Arborslot units are designed to support a vehicle load without transmitting any of that load to the root ball of the tree.

All units are designed with a reduced deflection when subject to load, to protect infill material. Damaged or proud infill constitutes the most common complaint by the general public and constitutes a large part of injury claims on local authorities from slip and trip.
All drainage slots are DDA compliant and provide a minimum number of 2 slot rows to guard against surface water run-over in times of high rainfall.

Multiple slots also increase the hydraulic capacity or the units in service due to increased drainage slot area

Composition and Manufacture

Units are full welded fabrications using a minimum of 4mm thick structural steel plate. Grating slots are tapered to minimise the risk of trapped debris affecting the drainage capacity.

Frame units include heavy duty ‘L’ section format around all sides of the unit.. Pierced anchor points together with a full width seating ensures that any load is transmitted back to supports with less risk of localised failure in the bedding material.


Arborslot Block Infill Tree Surround

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Rootbox Tree Root Containment

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