Industrial & Utility

JONES OF OSWESTRY manufacturer a number of post galvanised steel products particularly suited to the harsh environments of the industrial and utilities sector.

Our ducting frames and covers can withstand high loads, while safely carrying and protecting essential piped services over short or long distances. Benefits such as the inclusion of double seals to prevent the ingress of dirt or liquid mean they are suitable for a wide range of locations such as underground railways, power stations, docks, processing plants and highways.

Like everything which leaves JONES OF OSWESTRY, ducting products are precision engineered. Each system is assembled in-house to ensure high levels of quality control, then marked and packed for transportation and easy assembly on site. This attention to detail means total peace of mind for contractors and where necessary enables new ducting to fit seamlessly with existing ground surfaces such as concrete paviours or other specialist flooring finishes like terrazzo or granite.