Superlintel steel lintels cavity wall range

The SUPERLINTEL CW/L range of steel lintels, for external cavity wall applications, have a number of outstanding features which contribute to performance and durability characteristics which exceed BSEN 845-2:2003 recommendations.

Light Duty

Spans from 600mm-2700mm
Loads from 23Kn-69Kn

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Light - Medium Duty

Spans from 900mm-3600mm
Loads from 20Kn-68Kn

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Medium Duty

Spans from 1350mm-4500mm
Loads from 23Kn-66Kn

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Medium - Heavy Duty

Spans from 600mm-3000mm
Loads from 339Kn-70Kn

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Heavy Duty

Spans from 1500mm-4500mm
Loads from 59Kn-134Kn

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Extra Heavy Duty

Spans from 3750mm-6150mm
Loads from 82Kn-161Kn

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