Superlintel steel lintels - Facts

Try our SUPERLINTEL CONFIGURATOR to find the most suitable lintel for your project.

Our Superlintel structural steel lintels, special steel lintels and bespoke steel lintels are available for virtually any construction project which requires lintels with a guaranteed life expectancy.

BS 7543 requires the Specifier to determine the life expectancy of a building into 30,60 or 120 years, depending on construction type.

Superlintels guarantee the Specifier 30,60 and 120 years life expectancy of a lintel to comply with BS 7543. (see the Lintel Longevity Charts shown on each PDF)

BS EN 845 requires the specifier to determine the life expectancy of the components of a building. By defining the site location in relation to corrosive levels as shown on the ‘Millennium Map’. (link tor BS Extracts)

Superlintels comply ‘totally’ with BS EN 845 in all areas.

LINTELS are not maintainable building components - they are not a “life to first maintenance” product.

Superlintels are manufactured from 4mm steel plate - the minimum required to achieve and guarantee the zinc protection adherance levels to comply with all British Standards.

The thicker the zinc coating - the longer the life of the product.

Superlintels provide the specifier with every coating for every area in the UK, the original, quality, heavy duty lintel - and still complying with all aspects of British Standards.

Superlintels are up to 70% more cost-effective than the equivalent stainless steel lintel.

Superlintels are available in any bespoke section and can be manufactured to any shape, arched, stepped, corner or curved on plan profiles.

Does your choice of Lintel system...

  • Provide Hot Dip Galvanising after manufacture?
  • Provide a corrosion protection system specific to geographical area and in excess of BS EN ISO 1461?
  • Provide certified coating thicknesses to allow the specifier to demonstrate their obligations to BS 7543?
  • Include 30 plus years experience in lintel design backed up by rapid response on-line assistance?
  • Provide lintel selection by wall type?
  • Provide progressional lintel codes, dictated by wall construction and span?
  • Include integral insulation to meet thermal performance requirements of Parts L1 and/or L2 of building regulations?
  • Allow for all load ratios associated with inner to outer leaf loading from roofs, timber and concrete floors?
  • Provide provision for out of balance loading conditions associated with steel and concrete framed structures?
  • Provide provision for bolted ends where specific features to building facia require?
  • Allow an arched version of all standard profiles for all types of wall construction?
  • Provide total peace of mind?