The Jones of Oswestry SUPERLINTEL range of steel lintels, for external cavity wall applications, have a number of outstanding features which contribute to performance and durability characteristics which exceed BSEN 845-2:2003 recommendations.

These features include:-

  • bespoke steel lintels and special steel lintels.
  • 4mm thick structural steel plate used throughout for rigidity, long life durability and dimensional consistency.
  • Optimum protection against corrosion; Lintels are hot-dip galvanised after manufacture.
  • Lintels have undergone a testing programme by the Warrington Fire Research Consultancy in accordance with BS 476:Part 20: 1987. The test structure utilised a typical everyday wall construction, with 12mm plaster and skim only, over the inner leaf and blockwork. Full structural integrity was maintained for in excess of 90 minutes.
  • End bearings of 150mm as standard for high structural stability.
    Non-standard end bearings can be supplied to order.
  • Choice from any cavity widths and  flange options to enable ‘U’ values of less than 0.35W/m2 K to be attained. Lintels are manufactured to suit the precise cavity and inner block widths for maximum load-bearing capacity and to achieve maximum ‘U’ values in conjunction with wall construction and hence meet requirements of
    Parts Ll & L2 building regulations.
  • Mortar keying slots to flanges at bearings.

Try our SUPERLINTEL CONFIGURATOR to find the most suitable lintel for your project.

Composition and Manufacture

Lintels are manufactured from minimum 4mm thick steel structural plate with a minimum yield strength of 275N/mm2. 

All lintels are Hot Dip Galvanised after manufacture, tested in compliance with BS EN ISO 1461 for zinc coatings of steel through the controlled inhouse galvanising “DURAGALV” process. Coating thicknesses vary in accordance with the requirements of BS 7543 and local corrosion categories levels.

For “DURAGALV” coatings above 70 microns, I.E: Duragalv 100 and 140, additional controlled processes are employed to ensure the heavier coatings adhere to the “minimum 4mm” specially selected steel plate required to accept these levels of heavy coatings.

To achieve protection for all five corrosion category areas, a further “DUPLEX COATING” paint system is applied to lintels, after galvanising, in the most severe areas of corrosion levels.